Chia Seeds Smoothie Recipe For Weight Loss (Quick and Easy)

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In this article, I will show you how you can make a low calorie chia seeds smoothie for weight loss in less time.

I will also explain why this smoothie is good for weight loss.

Let’s dive in. 🧐

Chia Seeds Smoothie
Chia seeds smoothie is a type of smoothie that includes chia seeds as one of the primary ingredients. (Image source: Canva Pro)

About Chia Seeds Smoothie

Chia seeds smoothie is a type of smoothie that includes chia seeds as one of the primary ingredients. Here you can use any combination of fruits and vegetables of your choice.

You can also add protein powders or other supplements for extra nutrition.

Chia seeds increase their size by 12 times once you plump in a liquid. This gives them a jelly texture. Furthermore, they are flavorless and take the flavor of the food or beverage they are added to. [1]

That’s why chia seeds are a great addition to boost the texture of any smoothie with added nutrition.

Chia seeds smoothie is a great way to incorporate more vegetables and other healthy ingredients into your diet in a convenient and tasty way. They can be a viable option for a snack or a light meal, especially if you’re looking for something quick and easy to prepare. [2] 

Smoothies are a comparatively healthier choice than juice. Because in the juicing process, you remove most of the nutrients, while in a smoothie you don’t. [3] 

To make a chia seeds smoothie, you can start by choosing your base ingredients. These might include leafy greens like spinach or kale, and fruits like bananas or strawberries. [4]

You can also add in herbs and spices like cinnamon, black pepper, turmeric etc. If you want a more thick smoothie, you can add yogurt. [5]

You can then blend everything together with some ice and water or milk to create a smooth and creamy consistency. [6] 

This chia seeds smoothie recipe is easy to make, and you can customize it as you want.

Chia Seeds Smoothie
You can make chia seeds smoothie easily in less time. (Image source: Canva Pro)

Low Calorie Chia Seeds Smoothie

In the previous section, I have explained what a chia seeds smoothie is.

Now let’s cook it. First, prepare the following ingredients as per the mentioned amount.


The amount mentioned for each ingredient is enough for 2 servings of savory smoothie. You can adjust the amount according to your need.

  • Peeled and roughly chopped ripe banana (1 medium size or 118 grams)
  • Peeled and roughly chopped apple (1 medium or 200 grams)
  • Frozen blueberries (1 cup or 148 grams)
  • Nonfat yogurt (1 cup or 245 grams)
  • Chia seeds (1 tbsp or 12 grams)
  • Almond (4–5 units)
  • Cinnamon power (½ tbsp or 4 grams)
  • Nonfat milk (½ cup or 250 ml)
  • Basil leaves (2-3 leaves)


This chia seed smoothie is gluten-free and nut-free, but not keto friendly. If you want to make it keto friendly, just replace apples and bananas with spinach and avocado.

Furthermore, this recipe is not vegan. If you would like to make it vegan, replace cow milk with almond milk, oat milk or coconut milk.


Now it’s cooking time. Follow these easy steps and your delicious smoothie will be ready.

  1. Blend them all: Put banana, apple, blueberries, yogurt, and chia seeds into a blender and blend for 60 seconds or until smooth.
  2. Spice things up: Add cinnamon powder into your cup of warm (not boiling) milk and mix well. Then add the mixture into the blender. Blend it again for 30 seconds, or until creamy.
  3. Serve: Pour the entire smoothie into two glasses and garnish with chopped almonds and basil leaves.
Exploring Recipes
Cooking isn’t some kind of magic; it’s one of the most important life skills you’ll ever learn. (Image source: Canva Pro)

Recipe Tips

You can use any combination of fruits, vegetables, or nuts you like.

Don’t make chia seeds smoothies in bulk. Because chia seeds are very absorbent and will thicken the smoothie more as it sits. So, it’s best to drink this smoothie right after making it. [7]

By chance, if you can’t finish your smoothie, you can keep that in the fridge for 24 hours. [8]

But you need to add milk or water later to make it drinkable.

Recipe Facts

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 5 minutes
Total time: 15 minutes

Serving size: 1 glass
Total servings: 2 servings

Calories per serving: 244 kcal
Carbohydrates per serving: 45g
Protein per serving: 7g
Fat per serving: 4g

African Women Showing Weight Loss
Weight loss is a process of losing body weight by reducing the amount of body fat and/or muscle mass. (Image source: Canva Pro)

Weight Loss Benefits of Chia Seeds Smoothie

Chia seeds smoothie is a convenient way to incorporate more nutrients into your diet. This smoothie contains different beneficial nutrients that may help you lose weight.

Chia seeds smoothies can reduce frequent cravings. Because it contains dietary fiber, which is not digested and absorbed by your body. It only slows down the digestion process and keeps you feeling full and satisfied for longer. This can help to reduce cravings and may lead to weight loss. [9]

This smoothie can also reduce your hunger. Because it contains protein which increases the levels of the satiety (appetite-reducing) hormones like GLP-1, peptide YY and cholecystokinin, while reducing your levels of hunger hormone ghrelin. [10]

Chia seed smoothies also contain other nutrients like calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, B vitamins etc. These nutrients are also good for your overall health and wellbeing.

Now let me answer some frequently asked questions. 🧐

Is a chia seed smoothie good for weight loss?

Yes. Chia seed smoothie is good for weight loss. Because it is a low caloric dish that contains different nutrients like dietary fiber and protein. These nutrients are essential for weight loss. [9] 

When should I drink a chia seed smoothie for weight loss?

You can drink chia seed smoothie as a meal replacement or as a snack. It is especially beneficial when you don’t have time to make a full meal. 

Weight Loss Word Cloud
Weight loss is easy with the right guidance and your hard work. (Image source: Canva Pro)


Chia seed smoothie can be a delicious and convenient way to get a healthy meal or snack when you have less time. [2]

To get the full benefits from this healthy smoothie, make sure your overall diet is healthy.

Remember, a healthy lifestyle is key to sustainable weight loss. [11] 

Healthy lifestyle means all health-promoting habits including, eating healthy foods, avoiding processed foods, exercising daily, getting enough quality sleep and maintaining good hygiene. [12] 

Finally, to get a personalized weight loss program, visit here:

That’s it for now. If you want to read more informative weight loss articles, visit here: Weight Loss FAQs.

Now ask me anything about weight loss in the comment section. I will reply as soon as I can.


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