About Abdur Rahman Choudhury

After trying 6 startups, I finally find what I love to do.

On August 2022, I started Weight Loss Crown with the sole purpose of helping people lose excess body weight sustainably.

It gives me satisfaction.

Hi, I’m Abdur and here is my life in a nutshell.

1️⃣ About Me

My name is Abdur Rahman Choudhury aka A. R. Choudhury. I live in West Bengal, India, with my mom and sister (my father was passed away when I was 22, during my M.Sc. final year exam).

I earned the bachelor’s and master’s degree in Biochemistry from The University of Burdwan, West Bengal, India.

Subsequently, I completed the ‘Stanford Introduction to Food and Health’ course offered by Stanford University, USA, and the Diploma in Nutrition (DN) from Fabulous Body Academy, California, USA. 

Moreover, due to my passion for fitness, I become a Vskill (Govt. of India PSU) certified fitness trainer (CFT).

Countless people told me to “get a job” while I spent day and night working to build something which genuinely help people as well as gives me satisfaction.

My work finally paid off and found this idea (WeightLossCrown) and decided to dedicate my whole life into it.

First time when I hear how my content and guides help people to achieve their dream weight, I cried and feel overwhelmed.

I can’t get these feelings into any other work.

Currently, I’m working as a weight loss consultant.

2️⃣ My Weight Loss Journey 

Did you know, I was overweight in my college days?

According to my height, my ideal weight should be 53-73 kg. But I was over 90 kg.

After completing bachelors, my body starts showing overweight complications like constipation, hemorrhoids and low energy. I was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

These are due to my unhealthy lifestyle and lack of awareness.

Eventually, I started researching online and read hundreds of articles, watched hundreds of videos and listened to so many podcasts on how to lose weight sustainably.

With time, I learned how to calculate macros, how to design a sustainable diet and workout plan and most importantly how to be happy with the change.

I designed my own diet and exercise plan and followed it.

Now my weight is around 75 kg. I have been maintaining it for more than 6 years.

I’ve also been living without hypothyroidism medicines for more than 3 years. My constipation was gone. I can work with more focus. I’m more confident than previous.

Not only that, but I also helped my mom to lose weight, control diabetes and high blood pressure through lifestyle change.

And now I want to help people like you to lose weight and maintain it throughout your entire life.

To dig deep in to this space, I enrolled in different certification courses and I become a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer.

I started trying different online startup ideas in the health and fitness space.

After trying 6 startups, I finally decided to dedicate my life to WeightLossCrown because it gives me a sense of fulfillment.

I know you can find millions of places online for weight loss guidance.

But I have no competition with them.

I’m here to help you, not to compete with them. I really want to help you to achieve your weight loss goal.

Waking up every day to work on WeightLossCrown is a dream come true.

I hope you will join this WeightLossCrown movement with me.

🆒 10 Random Facts About Me

  1. My favorite color is blue.
  2. I love oatmeal and peanut butter so much that I’ve had it for breakfast every day for over 5 years.
  3. I like exercise in the gym. Lifting weights is one of my favorite workouts at the gym.
  4. I can’t live without black coffee. I need at lease 3 cups.
  5. My favorite time pass activity is playing online chess.
  6. I hate negative conversation and I constantly try to avoid it.
  7. My first online income was $5 for a writing gig on Fiver. He came to know through my conversation that I am a beginner. But he was so nice that he ignored my mistakes.
  8. I love cashkaro.com (thank me later).
  9. I fall off from 10 steps stairs at the age of 5. But luckily, I survived.
  10. I prefer a minimalist lifestyle because I believe you only need a few things to live a peaceful life.

🆓 My Top 3 Weight Loss Tips

  • Eat and drink according to your dietary needs.
  • Do any form of physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day.
  • Although it is difficult these days, try to be happy and positive all the time.

Now go make a coffee and get back to what you were doing. 

Peace ✌️