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Key Point: Janelle Brown, a star of Sister Wives, has lost 100 pounds and left her husband Kody. She is now enjoying her new life with her former sister, wife Christine and her Plexus products. 😊

You won’t believe how different Janelle Brown looks now! 😮 The 53-year-old reality star, who was married to Kody Brown for almost three decades, has revealed her incredible weight loss journey on social media.

Janelle, who was Kody’s second wife, has reportedly shed seven stone (100 pounds) 😲 and is now half her former size. She has been flaunting her slimmed-down figure in tight jeans, flannel shirts, and workout gear. 💪

She recently visited her former sister wife Christine Brown in Utah, where they enjoyed some quality time together. Janelle shared a post-workout selfie on Instagram, where she gushed over how she “kicked excuses in the butt” and worked up a sweat. 🏃‍♀️

Janelle has been using Plexus products, which are dietary supplements 💊 that claim to help with weight loss, gut health, and energy levels. She has also been following a healthy diet 🥗 and exercise 🏃 routine, which she documents on her Instagram stories.

Janelle is not the only one who has left Kody, who has four wives and 18 children. Meri Brown and Christine Brown have also parted ways with him, leaving him with only Robyn Brown as his legal wife. 👍

Janelle’s fans have been praising her 🙌 for her transformation and her courage to leave Kody, who has been accused of being controlling and neglectful of his wives.

As a weight loss coach, 👨‍💼 I am impressed by Janelle’s progress and dedication. She has shown that it is never too late to make positive changes in your life and health. She has also inspired many people who may be struggling with their weight or their relationships. 😃

What do you think of Janelle’s weight loss journey? Do you think she is happier without Kody? Let us know in the comments below! 👇

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