Do Mounjaro Help You Lose Weight? (Scientific Explanation)

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Mounjaro is an FDA approved drug to treat adults with type 2 diabetes. Mounjaro is a brand name and its generic drug name is tirzepatide.

In 2022, The Food and Drug Administration of America (FDA) approved Mounjaro drug only to treat type 2 diabetes. Mounjaro drug with proper diet and exercise can decrease blood sugar (blood glucose) in adults who have type 2 diabetes. 

Let me explain how it works.

When you eat, your body naturally release incretins hormones in response to nutrient ingestion, mainly glucose and fat. These hormones signal your pancreas to release insulin hormone to allow blood glucose to enter cells.

If for any reason, you developed type 2 diabetes, your body can’t make enough incretin hormones which decrease insulin secretion. It ultimately increases your blood glucose level.

The Mounjaro drug acts like incretins hormones in type 2 diabetic patients, which trigger insulin production as needed in response to food intake.

Mounjaro drug also reduce your cravings and increase energy expenditure. It also slows down the movement of food from the stomach into the small intestine.

Now the question is, does Mounjaro drug help you lose body fat?

The answer is yes. Mounjaro can help you lose weight by reducing your cravings and increasing energy expenditure. 

Even evidence found that overweight and obese people lost up to 52 pounds during the 72-week Mounjaro trial.

But is Mounjaro necessary for weight loss?

No. If you’re not a type 2 diabetic patient, you don’t need Mounjaro. You can lose weight simply following a healthy lifestyle. And if you experience any health problems, consult a doctor.

I always recommend not to follow any social media trends. Because some social media stars can influence you to use prescription drugs for quick weight loss.

That’s it for now. If you would like to read more informative weight loss articles, visit here: Weight Loss FAQs.

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