Weight Loss Drugs Aid Weight Loss: Study

Doctor Writing Prescription

A new study finds that weight loss drugs (medications that affect appetite or metabolism) can aid weight loss, and suggests that they should be combined with lifestyle interventions for better results.

Psychosocial Changes Aid Weight Loss: Study

Overweight Woman Exercise

A new study finds that exercise-induced psychosocial changes, (improvements in self-regulation, self-efficacy, and mood from exercise), can help you lose weight and keep it off.

IER is No Better Than CER: Review

Intermittent Fasting

A new review article finds that intermittent energy restriction (IER) shows no significant long-term advantage over continuous energy restriction (CER) in weight loss.

Rate of Weight Loss Doesn’t Matter: Study

Weight Loss Concept

A new review study finds that the rate of weight loss does not affect your health much in the long run, and suggests losing 5% to 10% of your body weight to improve your well-being and lower your disease risk.